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Sky Pro Cycling 2012
Here┬┤s our race calendar for January


We┬┤re going to start our season with the first Pro Tour Race in Australia after the National Championship in Down Under. It┬┤s probably Boasson Hagen, leading our team there with some nice chances.
The second and last race of this month will be in San Luis. I think this is a very interesting stage race with a couple of pretty climbs. Sergio Henao is a great talent for this kind of race. Maybe he┬┤s able to reach something for Sky over there just like Davide Appollonio in the sprints.
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Posted on 18-06-2018 08:31
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Sky Banana

GL, I will be a definite follower, but at points I may fall behind with this, as I have my own story and cycling and college, but anyhow, bring these victories to the best team on the WT Grin
MG Team manager Team Ticos Air Costa Rica

Ste117 wrote:
Sky Banana

GL, I will be a definite follower, but at points I may fall behind with this, as I have my own story and cycling and college, but anyhow, bring these victories to the best team on the WT Grin

Thank you very much, will try my best Smile
PCM rulezz
I will follow this, sky is one of the best team in the peleton. Good luck
@pcm rulezz, thanks a lot!

First race is done, going to post it tomorrow Wink
looking forward to it. Smile

With some nice Aussies in our team, we┬┤re already in Down Under before the first Pro Tour challenge will start for us.
Richie Porte is our man for today┬┤s decision with Michael Rogers on his side. Sutton and Hayman are prepared for a hard race with some dangerous attacks from other teams.



1. C.Evans
2. T.Roe

11. S.Gerrans
12. J.Bobridge
13. S.Clarke
14. B.Cooke
15. A.Davis
16. M.Docker
17. M.Goss
18. S.O'Grady
19. W.Sulzberger

21. H.Haussler
22. N.Haas

31. M.Rogers
32. M.Hayman
33. R.Porte
34. C.Sutton

41. R.Sutherland
42. J.Clarke
43. H.Clarke
44. B.Day
45. K.Menzies

51. M.Lloyd

61. M.Matthews
62. G.Brown
63. M.Renshaw

71. A.Hansen

Saxo Bank
81. D.Tanner
82. J.Cantwell
83. L.Roberts

91. C.Wurf
92. W.Clarke
93. A.Kemps

Endura Racing
101. Z.Dempster
102. J.Anderson
103. D.Windsor

An Post
111. S.Law

Team Type 1
121. F.Calabria

PSK Whirlpool
131. J.Prete

First race this season and the first surprise is the weather, as the temperature isn┬┤t that high with some cloudy parts. Our biggest problem might be the GreenEdge Team with a nice team squad. The might be too strong but we fancy with the podium at least. Cadel Evans might be another strong rider today but let┬┤s see.

As we expected, there were some Aussies, breaking away. Most famous for sure was Mark Renshaw. The small group was brought back easily after Hayman and Sutton made some pace.

After Heinrich Haussler was the one with the first midstage attack. We all know how easy it can be to win the Australian Championship with such a move. Because of that our leaders took the lead of the pack. Pretty successful for the first moment but Haussler was pretty confirmed.

The former German was still in front when the last 20 kilometres were reached. His advantage was getting smaller and smaller with the time.

First serious attack out of the big group came by Cadel Evans. We had to counter this one, as Cadel was maybe the strongest opponent by now. Haussler was passed by him in these seconds.

Richie Porte wasn┬┤t able to stay with Evans and even Haussler was still too fast. Evans was almost without any competition in the end. He already had a nice gap of 80 seconds to Haussler.

Porte tried to keep Haussler┬┤s pace but it was way too hard as our captain wasn┬┤t in a brilliant shape today. Still a great fight by Richie.

We had no chance against the Tour Champion of 2011. Congrats to BMC and Cadel Evans, a well deserved Australian Road Champion. Is he able to get the double in two days?

Richie Porte showed an exciting sprint finish against Haussler and Lloyd, who came very fast from behind in the end. Great podium for Sky, this is a great start into the season.

And also Michael Rogers crowned his great performance with a nice 5th placement after a terrific support accomplishment.


1Cadel EvansBMC Racing Team4h42'35
2Heinrich HausslerGarmin - Barracuda+ 1'45
3Richie PorteSky Procyclings.t.
4Matthew LloydLampre - ISDs.t.
5Michael RogersSky Procycling+ 2'08
6Simon GerransGreenEdge Cycling Teams.t.
7Michael MatthewsRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
8Rory SutherlandUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
9Wesley SulzbergerGreenEdge Cycling Teams.t.
10Timothy RoeBMC Racing Teams.t.

11Jack BobridgeGreenEdge Cycling Teams.t.
12Adam HansenLotto Belisol Teams.t.
13Ben DayUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
14Matthew GossGreenEdge Cycling Teams.t.
15Baden CookeGreenEdge Cycling Teams.t.
16Mark RenshawRabobank Cycling Team+ 2'44
17Simon ClarkeGreenEdge Cycling Teams.t.
18Cameron WurfChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
19David TannerTeam Saxo Banks.t.
20Stuart O'GradyGreenEdge Cycling Team+ 3'07
21Nathan HaasGarmin - Barracudas.t.
22Zakkari DempsterEndura Racing+ 3'40
23Hilton ClarkeUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 4'29
24Allan DavisGreenEdge Cycling Teams.t.
25William ClarkeChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
26Mitchell DockerGreenEdge Cycling Teams.t.
27Luke RobertsTeam Saxo Banks.t.
28Scott LawAn Post - Sean Kellys.t.
29Dean WindsorEndura Racings.t.
30Karl MenziesUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
31Matthew HaymanSky Procyclings.t.
32Jonathan CantwellTeam Saxo Banks.t.
33Jonathan ClarkeUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
34Joshua PreteWhirlpool - Authors.t.
35Christopher SuttonSky Procyclings.t.
36Graeme BrownRabobank Cycling Teams.t.
37Fabio CalabriaTeam Type 1 - Sanofis.t.
38Jack AndersonEndura Racings.t.
39Aaron KempsChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 10'47

Edited by Batista15 on 28-02-2012 15:22
Nice start of the season! Hopefully Porte has better shape for the TT. Wink
Edited by Jeronen on 28-02-2012 15:33
PCM rulezz
Good luck in the TT, Evans looks realy strongSad
A nice podium to start the season off withWink
Good start, it's always hard to beat Cadel to the Aussie jersey, but you gave it a good go Smile
Thanks at all. I┬┤m really glad about that. The TT will be an exciting thing hopefully.
Good race for Sky!

Good luck for the story! Wink
Great begin with one podium! Richi Porte for Tour of Algarve? Pfft
Nicolas Roche fanboy
Dombrowski future winner of Tour de France!
Rui Costa!
pvalente wrote:
Good luck for the story! Wink
Great begin with one podium! Richi Porte for Tour of Algarve? Pfft

Don┬┤t know up to here. Maybe.. Wink And thanks a lot!
Edited by Batista15 on 28-02-2012 20:18
Nice season start. Maybe the podium position might mean that Porte can grab the title? Pfft
FreitasPCM wrote:
Nice season start. Maybe the podium position might mean that Porte can grab the title? Pfft

You mean in the TT later? Grin
Batista15 wrote:
FreitasPCM wrote:
Nice season start. Maybe the podium position might mean that Porte can grab the title? Pfft

You mean in the TT later? Grin

Of course. Pfft
FreitasPCM wrote:
Batista15 wrote:
FreitasPCM wrote:
Nice season start. Maybe the podium position might mean that Porte can grab the title? Pfft

You mean in the TT later? Grin

Of course. Pfft

Well, we┬┤ll see..haha. Would be awesome to see Richie in this jersey.

Here we go with the second decision in Australia. Cadel Evans might be the man to beat these days. The main question at the moment is, if he┬┤s able to get the national double? With Richie Porte and Michael Rogers we┬┤ve got two great time trialists and especially Porte is ready to keep it up today.
The GreenEdge Team is also there with some nice names, such as Jack Bobridge, Travis Meyer, Cameron Meyer and Brett Lancaster so there┬┤s a good competition.



1. R.Porte
2. M.Hayman
3. M.Rogers
4. C.Sutton

11. C.Evans
12. T.Roe

21. J.Bobridge
22. B.Cooke
23. L.Durbridge
24. M.Goss
25. M.Hepburn
26. B.Lancaster
27. C.Meyer
28. T.Meyer
29. S.O'Grady

31. R.Sutherland
32. J.Clarke
33. H.Clarke
34. B.Day
35. K.Menzies

41. A.Hansen

51. H.Haussler
52. N.Haas

61. M.Matthews
62. G.Brown
63. M.Renshaw

71. C.Wurf
72. W.Clarke
73. A.Kemps

Saxo Bank
81. L.Roberts
82. J.Cantwell
83. D.Tanner

Endura Racing
91. Z.Dempster
92. J.Anderson
93. D.Windsor

An Post
101. S.Law

111. M.Lloyd

PSK Whirlpool
121. J.Prete

Team Type 1
131. F.Calabria

38 kilometres of predominant flat terrain with some hilly parts but nothing dangerous. The biggest favourites have to wait till the first riders set their first times but the last group might be very exciting with Bobridge, Porte and Cadel Evans. Rogers should be able to give us some information about the course.

So it is! Michael was the first one of some bigger favourites. Travis Meyer was setting the best time for a long distance. Rogers┬┤first time was brilliant with more than 30 seconds to Meyer. He crossed the finish line as new leader with more than one minute to the second positon.

Someone, who wasn┬┤t on our mind today was Rory Sutherland. He showed some nice times but he couldn┬┤t adventure Rogers in the end but still a great result for him.

The last one by GreenEdge was Jack Bobridge. He had some good legs in the first parts of the course. His first interim time was close to Rogers┬┤ but still some seconds behind. Finally, he failed the leading time by only 2 seconds. Rogers was still in front with only 2 riders left. So it was for sure to finish on the podium again.

Cadel Evans started just in front of Richie Porte but he was the faster one in the beginning. An incredible pace was set by him, which brought the leading position at the first interim time. 18 seconds faster than Rogers! When he finally crossed the line, his advantage was even bigger with 48 seconds.

Richie Porte started not that fast like Evans did before. His interim time was exactly the same like his team mate Rogers set in the beginning. His second period was strong but not good enough to beat an amazing Cadel Evans. We missed that time by 17 seconds, but we┬┤re still happy with the second and third positioning.


1Cadel EvansBMC Racing Team54'22
2Richie PorteSky Procycling+ 17
3Michael RogersSky Procycling+ 48
4Jack BobridgeGreenEdge Cycling Team+ 50
5Rory SutherlandUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 1'09
6Adam HansenLotto Belisol Team+ 1'41
7Cameron WurfChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 1'43
8Travis MeyerGreenEdge Cycling Team+ 1'51
9Zakkari DempsterEndura Racing+ 1'52
10Ben DayUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 1'56

11Brett LancasterGreenEdge Cycling Team+ 1'59
12Cameron MeyerGreenEdge Cycling Team+ 2'01
13Luke DurbridgeGreenEdge Cycling Teams.t.
14Michael HepburnGreenEdge Cycling Team+ 2'03
15Timothy RoeBMC Racing Team+ 2'09
16Heinrich HausslerGarmin - Barracuda+ 2'21
17Matthew GossGreenEdge Cycling Team+ 2'26
18Baden CookeGreenEdge Cycling Team+ 2'30
19Michael MatthewsRabobank Cycling Team+ 2'34
20Jack AndersonEndura Racing+ 2'36
21Luke RobertsTeam Saxo Banks.t.
22Stuart O'GradyGreenEdge Cycling Team+ 2'41
23Joshua PreteWhirlpool - Author+ 2'44
24Scott LawAn Post - Sean Kelly+ 2'52
25William ClarkeChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 2'57
26Matthew LloydLampre - ISD+ 3'02
27Mark RenshawRabobank Cycling Team+ 3'06
28Dean WindsorEndura Racing+ 3'09
29Christopher SuttonSky Procycling+ 3'11
30Fabio CalabriaTeam Type 1 - Sanofi+ 3'26
31Nathan HaasGarmin - Barracuda+ 3'28
32Hilton ClarkeUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 3'30
33Jonathan ClarkeUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 3'31
34Graeme BrownRabobank Cycling Team+ 3'32
35Jonathan CantwellTeam Saxo Bank+ 3'36
36Matthew HaymanSky Procycling+ 3'39
37David TannerTeam Saxo Bank+ 3'47
38Aaron KempsChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
39Karl MenziesUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 3'50

Edited by Batista15 on 28-02-2012 22:55
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