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Alien helmets; Square wheels
Sadly enough, making equipment is a very complicated thing, and pcm 10 did not allow for high quality stuff, so if stuff gets converted it will be lower quality. It takes time and effort to do new wheels and stuff using the higher quality graphics so one cannot expect them shortly after the release of the game. It will take about half a year to bring everything up on track with the detail, so until then as cruetrue said, its either using the "old" stuff or nothing. If new stuff gets released pcm daily has allways been the first to have them added.
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Just laughed at this thread.

legio, Jeremy wasn't saying that you are not patriotic. He was just saying that most of the portuguese PCM community realizes that this database can have lots of bugs, but mostly because it's beta, and it looks like you don't know what "beta" concept means, and keep criticising this work as if we were talking about a final release which prevents you from playing the game. It does that? No.

So, if this beta release don't fit you, change to another database or wait for the final one. Simple as that. It's absolutely unnecessary to come here and pull ranks like you're the man and only your opinion counts. Serving your country does not make you untouchable or more than anyone else. Perhaps it makes you a lot richer than some other people, but that's another story. We just want you to understand what being a beta release implies and that you don't keep "stroking the same key again and again".
Hello MarcoPRT,

I am no more nor less than anyone.

Just did not like the comment made by Jeremy or Jeremias, I believe his name is in Portuguese?

And I react to hot, but I come back to say that I am not more nor less than anyone.

You should be asking and why you will sign legio and not your portuguese name?, Is very simple, because I am in the French Foreign Legion, and legio is a diminutive of the Latin "Legio Patria Nostra" The Legion is our homeland!

And I have two homelands, Portugal and the Foreign Legion!

I know it's a beta, and I also know that I went too hard on the comment I made, already assumed and I apologized for it!!!

But then the beta is to test and find bugs, I found something I thought was not good in this database.

And the fault is not mine is yours, because since long time ago, you get used to having the best in your database!

This will be my last review on this subject!!!

I will test the database, and if I find a bug, this time will be bug and not something else, and I put the comment in the right place.

Greetings to all
Hey legio. I wasn't implying you weren't patriotic Smile Your first posts were very harsh and please do remember that these guys have all this work for for the comunity, for free.
If the 2010 equipment makes the game unplayable for you, maybe you can help make new equipment? I'm sure the Daily crew would appreciate it.
Hello Jeremy,
I said I did not post more than anything about this, but after that your answer, I want to apologize to you, and also, and once again recognize here in this forum, which was very hard on my part, the way I spoke on the database.

I was not disappointed with any graphic designer, I was disappointed with myself because I was waiting all this time that left the database of "PCMDAILY" and then I found these little details (I am a very demanding with myself) and that comment was unfortunate.

If I do not want to play with this database, I do not bother to be here in the forum to talk with you, and trying to justify myself.

Again I apologize, and I think we can already conclude this matter, and begin testing the database, you agree?

Greetings to all.Smile
Sure thing mate Smile I'm going to play the hell out of it tonight when I get home from work ehehe.
Of course this database has become a mark of quality in the past few years, but he have to look at some facts:

- This year, there are few projects for PCM11. That made many fans, like us, a little impacient, and obvious expecting a great work, but we must not forget that some things have changed from last year and most of the material is not directly compatible.

- That said, it's not a habit from CrueTrue to set a release date because the pressure on him from the fans to get the db at that date is just huge. Probably, he only made that because it's a beta version.

- More than a beta version, this is a public beta. PCMdaily databases had, in the beginning, at least, closed beta. The final result had, consequently, more bugs, or demanded more time to find them and fix them. Perhaps Daily had too good beta releases in the past, and this one has more. Sincerely, I don't care. Our job, like fans and future db users, is to "try to play", find as many bugs possible, report them here (no need to overreact or criticise harshly) and accelerate beta phase. Doing that, a final and stable release will come sooner than it does if we don't do that. Smile
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