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General Football News
without the groups of 3 I'd like this change, now it looks not too good...
ringo182 wrote:
I love football and will usually never criticise a world cup with more games.

But you don't improve something by reducing the standard needed to qualify. It's similar to Schools giving out awards to every child so that they don't feel left out.

"Well done, you are the 12th best team in Asia. Come and play in the "supposedly" greatest tournament in the World".

We already see half of South America qualifying. How many teams from South America will qualify if a South American country hosts the tournament as well? It's simply too many teams and will only reduce the overall quality of the tournament.

spot on
dont know if its been posted but Ronaldo won FIFA world player of the year
Lucky then that it's looking like CONCAF and CONMEBOL will come together to form one giant American qualification. And there's talk of AFC and OFC merging qualification aswell. If those come though then that's a big step to improving qualification and getting the best teams to the tournament.
TheManxMissile wrote:
Lucky then that it's looking like CONCAF and CONMEBOL will come together to form one giant American qualification. And there's talk of AFC and OFC merging qualification aswell. If those come though then that's a big step to improving qualification and getting the best teams to the tournament.


As I said earlier, the final tournament was fine. It was always the qualification process that needed changing.
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As someone that lives in Canada, there is now a chance we may qualify, although that chance is still slim because we are terrible.

In terms of overall, global interest, there will be more interest in the entire tournament now because more countries will be following obviously which is a plus in FIFA's eyes. I know if Canada actually qualified for the World Cup, the country would go crazy for the World Cup. Currently its pretty meh here, unless you are an actual football fan. One World Cup qualification could influence a generation of kids to play football and improve the countries fortunes.

Now to me, I loved the tournament the way it was and I really dont like this change, but the best teams should still make it to the knockout rounds so its not the worst thing to happen ever and that should ensure there is still interest from the major countries in the world too, although the quality of the early games has definitely gone down and maybe that will be enough to cost the World Cup money due to lack of viewership in the early on.

Also another thing to think of, the extra groups/teams, probably means the teams get an extra day or two of rest inbetween games in the group stage, which is probably a bonus for the players.
KNVB announces that videoref will be used in every Dutch Eredivisie game starting season 2018/19.
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I throw in my pointless opinion that adding even more teams to the World Cup finals is indeed crazy.
It's almost too many as it is now.
Haven't looked at what regions will get more teams but I am certain they will come from lesser parts of the globe. (You know what I mean with "lesser"Wink
No offense to players and teams from those parts, but having Canada(once more NO offense) and perhaps not one of the better known nations of Europe with big stars in the glorious months of play is not very appealing.

A couple of top nations with players known to many missed out of the last WC, and I think the finals should be a playground for the big ones. OK always fun to see surprise teams beat the stars, but in the long run most folks probably would better see the overall top nations in the finals.

If the "lesser" regions that today have fewer spots in WC having an extra qualifying round against more known regions it would be more honest.
Some of this we do have today, but with expansion that
should be expanded even further.
Sadly it's not in sporting interrest but in politics and who pays the most money to the big maffioso on FIFA board of directors.
Do I dare mentioning Qatar. What a f_ck_ng joke.....

Hm watching the big final then between a totally bought Qatar National team vs some similar hardly known, like Uzbekistan, would NOT attract my attention for sure. Both advancing to the finals beating out, lets say Brazil and Spain on penalties in the semis.
What has the world become ....Sad

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Shame on the Italian FA.
Surely UEFA and FIFA need to make some kind of statement/take some kind of action against the Italian FA after this shambles.
"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
Shameful Angry
So the Englisha FA has confirmed it will bring in retrospective bans for diving

So if a player dives in a match it can be looked at after the game and punished accordingly. Fairly simple and not revolutionary, it's done in a few other leagues already.

But my god some of the reaction to it has pissed me off immensely! Namely from certain players and staff with a seriously misguided view of what the rules of football actually are. Shocked at the number of people who don't know that Simulation is in the actual rulebook and covers more than just a case of diving from no contact.

I would still love a more active change, like video refereeing. Especially in a case of simulation it's usually pretty obvious after one replay whether there was contact or not. But it's an improvement, i just wish the old guard would sod off and shut up.
Hope for a happy retirement for two true legends of the modern game, Phillip Lahm and Xabi Alonso (<3<3<3)! Great footballers and even better men Grin
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