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Bbox - Bouygoues Telecom 2011

Arvesen, Kurt-Asle - Allrounder
Astarloza, Mikel - Stage racer
Damrow, Sascha - sprinter
Didier, Laurent - Fighter
Diniz, Alex - Climber
Gottfried, Alexander, puncheur
Hoste, Leif - Cobble
Jeandebozs, Fabric - Cobble
Kroon, Karsten - Veteran rider
Mayo, Justo - Youngster
Mollema, Bauke - Puncheur
Paulinho, Sergio - Stage racer
Pineau, Jérôme - Puncheur
Polito, Juliano - Youngster
Roulston, Hayden - Time Trialist
Stalder, Florian - Allrounder
Sutherland, Rory - Time trialist
Tantink, Bram - Fighter
Trampush, Gerhard - Allrounder
Veilleux, David - Youngster
Vingerling, Michael - Sprinter
Voeckler, Thomas - Superman
Wei, Yuan - Youngster

Nvidia wanted to get out of the sport, and no reason for this was given. Luckily, Bbox and Bouygoues Telecom decided to do a comeback in cycling, so the team will continue as Bbox - Bouygoues Telecom. The team's main riders will be fighters, and there will be no language or nationality barriers. The goal is not to be the best, but to be the most entertaining team in the cycling circus.

Former Team NVidia.
Edited by Christer on 31-03-2010 21:53

Top 15 - Team Rankings
Win - Tour de Slovenie (C1)
Win - Ringerike GP (C1)
Win - Tour de Langwaki (HC)
Top 5 - KBC de Panne Tour.
Edited by Christer on 03-03-2010 22:25
Official dowant list:
Janez Brajkovic
Edited by Christer on 04-03-2010 00:12
Christer wrote:

Top 15 - Team Rankings
Win - Tour de Slovenie (C1)
Win - Ringerike GP (C1)
Win - Tour de Langwaki (HC)
Top 5 - KBC de Panne Tour.

Short analyzis on why these goals where chosen:

Top 15 in the team rankings is not impossible. The team finished 20th in 2010, under the name Nvidia. It will be hard, but I am certain that it's possible.

I think that the team has enough quality to win Tour de Slovenie. We have some strong climbers and might get even stronger during the transfer season. Just as the previous goal, this will be hard, but the team has the quality to manage it.

Ringerike GP was chosen mainly because of Arvesen and the managers nationality. But, just as with Tour of Slovenie, this will be manageable for the team. Hopefully, Arvesen may snatch a victory on a stage here.

Tour of Langwaki will be difficult. I predict a strong field there, and a break away may ruin the whole race for every climber in the race. This will, easily be the hardest goal to achieve.

At last, the team will try and achieve a top 5 in KBC de Panne Tour. This is probably the easiest of the goals, as Leif Hoste already got one victory in this race.

To achieve these goals, the team have a total of € 3,270,000 to use prior to this season.
Edited by Christer on 04-03-2010 01:22
Nice story Christer, I have here a couple helmets for Bouygues if you would like to use....
They are a ogk Kabuto Maistro road helmet with Lacoste glasses and a tt helmet I edited a long while back also with glasses.


I f you wish to use them the nif files go into your PCM~2009/CM_Meshes/Equipment/Helmets folder and the tga files into your PCM~2009/CM_Textures/Equipment/Helmets folder....They are written as the same names as the ones from PCMdaily2010db so you can let them overwrite the ones in the folder.(Make a backup of the original just in case you do not like).


KenL attached the following file:
bouygues2011helmet.rar [1.14MB / 124 Downloads]
The contract renewals for Bbox Bouygoues Telecom is now done.

The following riders are leaving the team:
Blauzdun, Michael
Comploi, Martin
Glomser, Gerrit
Ludescher, Philipp
Pfannberger, Christian
Pömer, Christian
Taillefour, Fabien
Weissinger, René

That mean that the current riders are:
Arvesen, Kurt-Asle - Allrounder €60 000
Astarloza, Mikel - Stage racer €120 000
Caruso, Gianpaolo - Stage racer €530 000
Damrow, Sascha - sprinter €50 000
Diniz, Alex - Climber €65 000
Franzoi, Enrico - Cobble €177 000
Hoste, Leif - Cobble €170 000
Stalder, Florian - Allrounder €50 000
Sutherland, Rory - Time trialist €57 500
Tantink, Bram - Fighter €59 500
Trampush, Gerhard - Allrounder €75 000
Vingerling, Michael - Sprinter €50 000

That leaves the team with €1 036 000 (1.036M) for new wages.
Edited by Christer on 08-03-2010 21:37
Bbox Bouygoues Telecom is pleased to have signed the French fighter Thomas Voeckler. The French rider will be paid a salary of 220.000 for this season. That's quite a lot, but the sponsors said Voeckler was a main target for the transfer season.
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The Italian stage racer Gianpaolo Caruso has left the team because he didn't want a wage lower than €500.000, he didn't fit the managers max wage policy.

The sponsors are very happy about this policy, as offensive riders often are those with lower wages.
Bbox announces transfers

The transfer season is now over, and Bbox - Bouygoues Telecom has decided to announce their transfers.

First out is Laurent Didier. This rider from Luxembourg will be a good helper when that is needed.

Then there's Alexander Gottfried. This German will be helpful when there are hilly stages, and will also try to go for all out attacks.

Arriving from a trade involving Frazoi, Fabrice Jeandesbosz will, as all the others, try to attack. He will also help Leif Hoste when that is needed.

Then, there's the old Dutch. The 35 years old Karsten Kroon will be very helpful on hully stages, and will share his experience with his team mates.

We would also say hello to Justo Mayo. This young Spaniard is very offensive, and are currently riding for experience.

Bauke Mollema is another quite known rider from The Netherlands. He is quite the allrounder, and hopefully, he'll do well.

Then there's the last part of the trade involving Franzoi. Sergio Paulinho is discussed in the media recently. He will be one of the most important persons in the team, when it comes to stage races.

We cannot forget the over time tranfer involving Jérôme Pineau. This Frenchman will be our top rider in any classics we may participate in.

Just as Justo Mayo, Juliano Polito is an offensive rider. This Italian will ride for experience.

Then there's the second non-european rider in the team. Hayden Roulston will be crucial for the team when it comes to time trials.

The third non-european in the team is from Canada. His name is David Veilleux. This young a promising sprinter.

There are a total of four non-europeans in the team for the upcoming season. The last of them is Yuan Wei. This young Chinese is very offensive, and may get away from other riders in the downhills.

And finally. The biggest signing of the season. Thomas Voeckler is a rider people have to look out for at all times. He is capable of delivering results in all types of terrain, and he is one of the most offensive riders in the world. With the sponsors goal to be an offensive team, what rider would be a better signing?
Another late transfer is in order, as the German sprinter André Greipel joins the team. He will be the main sprinter for this season and hopefully get some good results. His wage is the highest, with 280K.
Season update

So far, the season has been so and so. The team had a nice start with some good results in the earliest races. After that, things went, slowly, downwards.

In Langkawi, the goal was to win. This was an utter failure, and our best man was Paulinho on 12th in the GC. Nor did the team attack enough. Despite this, the sponsors are still happy.

Kuurne - Bruxelles - Kuurne went quite well. Hoste managed to be outsprinted and ended on 5th place. A good result for the old man.

In Tour de San Luis, André Greipel was the man. He ended up on the podium at several stages. So the sponsors are happy for that.

Vuelta al Tachira went quite well. Astarloza won the last stage, ending 6th in the GC. He also had a 4th place on the stage before. On the 9th stage of this 12 stages race, Laurent Didier came second. The same man also won the 5th stage. The 3rd stage was the most impressive one. The team managed to get all the spots on the podium. Quite a feat, despite the weak sprint field. And Gottfried opened up this race with a 2nd on the 1st stage. This race is the best for the team, so far.

The first race was the Bloemfontein Classic. Here, Veilleux had a strong debute, and ended on a 17th place, after being offensive.

Overall, the sponsors are quite happy. On a scale from 0 to 10, whereas 0 is the worst, they rate the team as a 6. They are hoping for a good result in the Tour de France.
Bbox announces goals and tranfers

Bbox manager Christer is proud to present the goals for Le Tour de France. A top 10 on a stage, and lots of minutes on the screen.

Also, as a plan on on getting more TV time, the manager will look for offensive riders for the next season. The wage cap of max 499,999 per rider is still there. Riders like Paulinho and Greipel are expected to leave the team during the coming transfer season. There is a rumour claiming that this is a sponsor request.

"I would like to make it very clear, I will not listen to any bids on my riders before the transfer season starts. I have enough at my hands managing the team as it is. I do not want to thinking about next season before this one is done."
New sponsor next season?
Lately, there have been some rumors that Bbox will retire as sponsor for the team, after a little satisfying Tour de France.

The rumours claim that the American sports entertainment company, WWE, is interested in sponsoring the team.

Bbox manager Christer was unable to reach and has therefore not commented these rumors.
It's official
Bbox - Bouygoues Telecom is pulling it's sponsorate for the team. Manager Christer is pleased to announce that World Wrestling Entertainmen, or WWE for short, will be the new sponsor.

The goal is still the same: Offensive riders are what they want, seeing they are the most entertaining to watch and the company is all about entertainment. If there are American or Canadian offensive riders on the market, they will be put in front of other nationalities.

The jersey is almost ready too, and will look like one of these two designs, depending on the reception on the press release..



The first one is made by jersey maker Deksel, the last one is made by the WWE graphics team.

In other news, some rider have questioned manager Christer on who will be out of contract and who will stay. Christer said that it all depends on the demands from the riders, but released a list of riders he would like to keep.

Thomas Voeckler, the definition of offensive riding
Andre Greipel, got results against all odds, and therefore gets another chance.
David Veilleux, one of the camera lovers.
Mikel Astarloza, one of the main riders in the team
Segio Paulinho, another main rider
Justo Mayo, last season was training. Now he needs to prove himself.
Same goes for Yuan Wei and Juliano Polito.
Jerome Pineau, on of the better performers in the team.

Also, Leif Hoste might be resigned, but that depends on the pre-renewal training.

The rest will be decided when the demands are set.

Team WWE, as it will be known as, would like to say that the they aren't looking for any specific riders at the moment.

There! Now SN's got to be happy!

Which jersey is best? I know the last one might seem wierd in the colors here, but looks alright in-game. Smile
The first jersey looks best to me - but Im not sure what you mean by 'pre-renewal training'
I like the first jersey more as well. Smile
Manager of Moser - Sygic
The first jersey just gets it I think. Interesting sponsor...Smile
SportingNonsense wrote:
but Im not sure what you mean by 'pre-renewal training'

Training. Not higher stat training, but off season training. Pfft

Meaning: I will renew him if he haven't declined too much.
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