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Cycling moments of 2011
Worst: Deadly and freak accidents.


* Alpe d'huez TDF stage.
* TDF stages were Cadel, Samuel and Alberto attacked downhill.
* Phillipe Gilbert in the hilly classics.
* Giro's amazing route.
* Peter Sagan and Boasson Hagen performances.
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I would say the victory of van Summeren at Paris-Roubaix was pretty spectacular and also the victory from Hushovd against Roy in the tour this year was great.

Worse moments were ofcourse the occured deaths of riders and some horrifying crashes (remember Horner in the tour?)
My best moment, a little bit biased, but still, Cadel Evans absolutely destroying Andy Schleck on stage 20 Le Tour to become Australia's first ever champion!
Worst: All the terrible crashes. Especially WW, Tondo and Soler.

Best: Kessiakoff's first two weeks in the Vuelta. Didn't think I'd ever see a Swede staying with the favourites uphill.
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I've always been a big fan(not this) of the french riders, and this years tdf was therefore awesome! Voeckler's performance in the mountains and Rolland's win were big for me! The Norwegian's performance was also incredible, so this years Tour made without doubt the biggest cycling moment for me in 2011 Smile
Avin Wargunnson
Best moments:
-Contador in Giro
-epic Alpe d'Huez stage
-Peter Sagan and Marcel Kittel kicking the older sprinters asses
-Voeckler and Rolland at Tour

Worst moments:
-Wouter, Xavier and Mauricio crashing
-stupid car rider at the Tour
-worst Vuelta ever, then the fans at PCM Daily voting it better GT then Giro
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Best moments:
- Peña Cabarga with Cobo and Froome
- Voeckler defending the yellow
- Contador and Andy early attacks

Worst moments:
- WW and Tondo
- Voeckler attack when the car run over Hoogerland
- The WC race profile
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Had Voeckler been a gentleman, he'd have stopped by when Hoogerland was hit, and helped him get out the barbed wire, then rode quietly with the injured Johnny until the bunch would have caught them. That'd be sensed...
Aquarius wrote:
Had Voeckler been a gentleman, he'd have stopped by when Hoogerland was hit, and helped him get out the barbed wire, then rode quietly with the injured Johnny until the bunch would have caught them. That'd be sensed...

Not necessary. He took avantatge of the situation, good for his results, he was 4th at the Tour.

I see him with 80 yrs telling his grandsons that thanks of a car that run over a collegue he made 4th at the Tour.

Besides of that, his performance in the Tour was incredible.
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The car had nothing to do with his performance in the tour. The pack didn't slow down because of it. It slowed down because of all the crashed that had happened in the pack earlier that day. If anything, he lost time because of it. Unless you believe that Hoogerland would have beat him in the GC.
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BenBarnes wrote:
Thor wears a live rattlesnake as a condom.
Of course! He is a Dutchmen!!
Just kidding!
Guess who's back? Smile
Lets see how many friens are still around...
ggDonovan wrote:
Not necessary. He took avantatge of the situation, good for his results, he was 4th at the Tour.

I see him with 80 yrs telling his grandsons that thanks of a car that run over a collegue he made 4th at the Tour.

Besides of that, his performance in the Tour was incredible.

He didn't take any advantage. If anything, he lost time because of that. And his performance was indeed incredible, are you trying to suggest something?

Anyway, the 2011 moments, imo:

- Scarponi bridging the gap between his group and the front bunch in the Cipressa.
- Cancellara pwning the E3.
- De Ronde, as a whole.
- Gilbert sprinting up the Mur de Huy, basically playing with Purito.
- Rifugio Gardeccia stage, as a whole.
- Stages 16,18,19 of the Tour de France.

Worst (I'm not counting crashes, freak accidents, and that stuff I don't really consider a cycling moment):
- General lack of ambition in Paris - Nice. I know the route sucked, but still.
- Boonen's and Chavanel's crashes and general bad luck in Paris - Roubaix.
- País Vasco was a bit of a letdown.
- First two weeks of the Tour de France.
- First three weeks of the Vuelta a España. Pfft
- Worlds RR.
Best Moment: The Ronde
Worst Moment: The Crashes
Best Moment: David Veilleux winning some small French race, since Hesjedal didn't have a great season.

Worst Moment: The deaths the sport saw over the season.
Missed the first half of the season, but it was terrific to see Cadel finally get that yellow that he's come so close to in the past, I really thought his chances were over!

Aside from that, Froome at the Vuelta was great, and I'm not complaining about Cavendish and Wiggins' performances at the WCs Smile
I seriously think the Tour of this year wasnt that good. The only good thing of the Tour was that Cadel Evans finally got his win in the way he should by taken initiative. But we missed a lot of Tour contesters because of crashes. Like Radioshack lost 3 top 10 Tour riders. And the Schlecks working with Evans at the Alpe d'Huez and not attacking him was worse than ever. Thats just killing the game.
Best: Voeckler in Tour and Chris Froome attack in the Veulta where he cracked Cobo, Cavendish's Rainbow Jersey and Giro Salute to WW

Worst: Wouter, Xavier sorely missed
i would have to say that the worst would be the crashes, but that's a given.

For the best moment I can't choose one, specific I will have to say the entire TdF seen with Norwegian eyes. if I had to choose one single moment though, it would have to be Thor and Edvalds double .
I'll add as the worst (besides the crashes), the change of the RVV!
R.I.P Wouter Weylandt (1984 - 2011)

Pain is a big fat creature riding on your back. The farther you pedal, the heavier he feels. The harder you push, the tighter he squeezes your chest. The steeper the climb, the deeper he digs his jagged, sharp claws into your muscles.- Scott Martin
Best :
- Seeing some nice surprises here and there
- Seeing an important reduction of some riders' performances
- It's never a good thing when human beings get hurt. Still when that's supposed to get one rid of some old despicable persons, one can only feel satisfied. That didn't last long enough though.
- UCI unable to get Contador's case sorted. It's been like 13 or 14 months it's been a public information now, make it one more month that he's tested positive, and, at best 3 or 4 more months before it's sorted. What a disgrace.
- Some nice duels we should be able to witness next season : Martin vs Cancellara (if Cancellara comes back to his former level), Cavendish vs Kittel (is there any chance Greipel will ever be well-positioned and perform accordingly to his potential, in the presence of Kittel or Cavendish ?)
- We've gotten rid of Ricco for good, haven't we ?

Worst :
- UCI legalising (sort of, it's not legal, but it doesn't have to be justified any more) the use of corticosteroids
- Seeing some riders with a "I'm so obviously a desperate doper who badly needs a contract/who can't cycle without it" sign on their forehead performing, well, that was really bad.

Of course stuff like WW's death could be ranked there as well, but I'll stand by kumazan's stance.
- No big names caught (arguably I could have listed this in the "best" as well)
- So many "big" names coming back, doing well, Rebellin, Vinokourov, etc.
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